Andrea Bocelli A Great Tenor!

I have put together pages of his music and lyrics with pictures I have made and the lake applet from David Griffiths. His songs are sung in Italian, I have provided the English versions. If possible, please, listen to his CD's. I own several. I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Con Te Partiro ~ I'll Go With You
Voglio Restare Cosi ~ I Want To Stay Like This
Il Mare Calmo Della Sera ~ The Calm Evening Sea
Per Amore ~ For Love
Rapsodia ~ Rhapsody
Romanza ~ Romance
La Luna Che Non C'e ~ The Moon That Is Not There
Vivo Per Lei ~ I Live For Her
Miserere ~ Misery
Musica E ~ Music Is (No Lake Applet)
Che Gelida Manina ~ How Cold Your Little Hand Is (NLA)
La Preghiera ~ The Prayer (NLA)

Coming Soon:
E Chiove ~ And It Rains

I saved my pennies and finally got to attend a concert. It was the most thrilling moment of my life. I cried.

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