Call Upon My Soul

There is the intangible that I await
To take me from a mere existence
Into that eternally elusive fate
That has always been past tense

Call upon my soul
Bring past to the future
Make the broken whole
Bring me some closure

Waiting is all that can be done
Searching is a shot in the dark
The heart knows the one
Of which it is part

Call upon my soul
Time is drawing to an end
Eternity is just a hole
Waiting for itself to begin

By Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit
Leaving The Sea a 3D painting by Janet Boyd  aka Bee Spit

\(o.o)/ ... © ... 2000 - Present ... by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit ...\(o.o)/
All rights reserved.

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Painting is 'Leaving The Sea' by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit made in Bryce 4 and Paint Shop Pro

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