Depression Ain't Just A Bad Day

This is not intended as a substitute for medical help.
This is just my experience with my depression.
Depression is situational and brain chemical imbalance. Get proper medical help.
To some this may be a trigger. To others I hope it gives you patience and understanding of this condition.
My View On Depression

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Physics. Not so with a mind, body and soul.

    The reactions can manifest in many ways and not just for a moment. The mind forgets nothing. The mind separates itself from informing you of certain painful or traumatic details. The mind gets together with your heart and soul to discuss how to resolve the issue. They may choose to block it all out. They may choose the fight or flight path. They do not always agree. One or more of them may be too weak to contribute. Or one or more of them gets damaged and is no longer the same. Or they may mutate into something they never wanted or were meant to be.
   Depression is a hole in an inner tube. The hole may be small and slow leaking or large and flattens quickly. If someone is bleeding, has a broken limb, has a terminal or crippling disease you would have compassion. A depressed person is bleeding, from the mind. A depressed person is broken, in their heart. A depressed person can have a crippled soul. They can be terminal to themselves or even others.
   It is not an excuse. It is not a virus. But it is an epidemic. Some may never know why they feel the way they do. At times the most insignifigant matter can be totally misunderstood and sink one farther into depression. A depressed person needs so much more that many people are not willing to expend the effort to help or understand. Another wound to fester.
   The trouble with depression and healing is that for a moment of distress takes a lifetime of healing. Telling someone to 'get over it', 'you were fine yesterday' or 'nothing can be that bad', is like trying to put your hand out to stop the sun from rising. Just take a few moments and tell them 'I don't know what you have been through, but I am here for you'.

   I suffer from depression. Duh! Really Bee? I thought you just made poems that kinda rhyme sometimes. I overheard a discussion about me once. It was mentioned that I was in need of some cheer due to the nature of one of my poems. Nah, she is just creative came the reply. Funny, no one asked me. I realize that many writers can shape words into anything whether they have experienced the focus of their words or not. But I have been there, done that. If I wasn't a little creative, the poems would only be.....'____ this is good or ____ this is bad'. My heart can smile even in darkness when someone can read my poetry and feel what I feel. My poetry is my soul leaking.

No one taught us to laugh or cry, we knew how. But somehow we learned how to make others laugh or cry.

©Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit
Do's & Don'ts

1. Don't assume.
2. Do have patience.
3. Don't give up.
4. Do pay attention.
5. Don't hide your pain.
6. Do listen

These things hold true for the depressed and those able to help.
National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association

Just a few of many.
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