Heart And Soul

Music is a vine that winds around the heart
Music is to bind, uplift, carry and guard
Poetry is a flower that blooms from the soul
Poetry is color on the petals as they unfold

The heart loves deeply and it knows not why
The soul loves between a heartbeat and a sigh
The heart whispers it's joys or it's pains
The soul cries out with everything it contains

Time has no hold on the heart nor the soul
Time can't touch the love that makes you whole
Dreams are only realities that have yet to come
Dreams are what you have til two become one

by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit

I was asked to write a chorus for this poem


Sound of a heart, touch of a soul
When love starts, dreams unfold

By Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit

Heart And Soul a painting by Janet Boyd  aka Bee Spit

\(o.o)/...© Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit 2000 - Present ...\(o.o)/

All rights reserved
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I created the painting 'Heart And Soul' in Bryce 4 and Paint Shop Pro

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