Caged Heart by Janet Boyd  aka Bee Spit 

Caged Heart

There has always been an emptiness
A need that I never was able to fulfill
My heart locked in a cage of loneliness
Needing to be free but not having the key

Then you found me when I had about given in
You showed me what my heart was needing
I can seeing the beauty in life once again
Love has been my healing

There are no words that can really say
What having your love has meant to me
It's changed my life in so many ways
Now set my caged heart free

I once was lost but now am found
You've taken my feet off solid ground
Nothing matters only you and me
Now set my caged heart free,
Set my caged heart free

by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit (Janet)

\(o.o)/...© Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit 2000 - Present ...\(o.o)/

All rights reserved
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