One Path by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit


We travel life over the paths left by others.
Gathering remnants from those that passed.
Along the way we leave our own debris.
Weighing the exchange to estimate our value.

Don't stop on the path to fret over your deal.
Don't hesitate to leave your valuables there.
Don't hurry to gather more than your share.
Don't fail to notice anything along the path.

The paths entwine, intersect and branch.
As we touch another's path, so are we touched.
With no guarantee the path will stay the same.
No makeup test, no do-overs, no second chance.

Do hold dear to your heart what is found.
Do leave what you want others to cherish.
Do remember where you have traveled.
Do know the path never ends in a memory.

    by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit

\(o.o)/...© Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit 2002 - Present ...\(o.o)/

All rights reserved
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I created the painting 'One Path' in Bryce 4 and Paint Shop Pro

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