Opposition by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit


Oh climb off your high horse
You who think you embody all
You that look down on others
That have fallen off their horse

Oh a nose so high in the air
It can't smell the roses
Eyes that look through people
See only what use they are to you

Oh that we could all be so perfect
Never a problem without a fix
Always having the correct answers
Emotions all packaged in perfection

Oh with inadequacies abundant in me
Bruises from falling and being pushed
Eyes that tear for self and for others
Emotions frayed and running the gamut

Oh I would still rather be me.

    by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit

\(o.o)/...© Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit 2002 - Present ...\(o.o)/

All rights reserved
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I created the painting 'Opposition' in Bryce 4 and Paint Shop Pro

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